Monday, March 14, 2011

In Tune

In the Gym

Today was a Cardio day and because I’m trying to prepare for a 5K this June I normally run on the treadmill. Well I have been getting SEVERE pain in my calves while running, not shin splints but pain in my calves. I found that running outside doesn’t hurt near as bad. Something about the ‘mil definitely aggravates it more. So today while Allie was running her 3+ miles on the ‘mil I hopped on the stair-master for 15 minutes at level 10 resistance followed by a 3 minute cool down. I went .60 miles and unfortunately didn’t catch how many steps I went. After that I decided to work on my arms because besides losing weight they have been my biggest focus because of the lovely strapless dress I get to wear for my Mom’s wedding in April. I did the circuit machines because something about the free weight area scares me. I feel like I enter the “man zone” or something. I did four different machine and about 30-40 reps on each machine. After that Allie was done with her run, so we did a few crunches and stretched. After watching the weather I realized that the rain wasn’t going to be coming for a while so I decided I would try to squeeze in a run before Josh had to head for work. Allie was nice enough to join me in my neighborhood and run at my snail’s pace. I ran 1.20 miles in 13:21 minutes and I cut .40 seconds off my last run of 1.20 miles.

Now for the weigh in…………

Allie and I have been hitting the gym for 11 weeks now and we’ve been to the gym 39 times in those 11 weeks plus a few extra runs outside. In December we started talking about going to the gym together and at that time I weighed…………………………172 lbs (ack!) but mysteriously between December and our first day of working out I lost 10lbs. I guess me just talking about going to the gym scared a few pounds away. So on week 1 January 3rd I weighed in at 162lbs, my waist measured at 35in, Chest at 40in, and Hips at 41in. The first two weeks I gained a few pounds (I’ve been told it was muscle gain) but by week three I was back down to 162 and that’s where I’ve stayed. So as of today:

Weight: 162
Waist: 33in
Chest: 38in
Hips: 40in

Goals: I would LOVE to be at 120-125 again but I feel like that might be asking for too much because that was pre-wedding weight. So I’d be happy with 130-135 and in my size 5 jeans again (which I haven’t gotten rid of). I’m going to be tracking my Calorie intake and my calorie budget is 1,113 a day. For those of you that know me, you know that this will be extremely hard for me because I LOVE to eat and love starchy foods. You all can help hold me accountable :)

In The Word

So we are in the lovely book of Deuteronomy in the Chronological reading. Not a whole lot of revelation going on for me right now. But yesterday the Sunday school lesson was amazing. And it really challenged me. The lesson was on hearing God, and recognizing his voice. I can recognize God’s voice when I’m sitting still and asking certain question and looking for answers. But what about when I’m busy running around trying to do my daily routine? Have I missed promptings by the Holy Spirit? Have I missed teachable moments with my children? Have I missed opportunities to witness to someone? I know without a doubt I have. I need to learn how to tune into the Holy Spirit and hear his voice even when my crazy life is being, well, crazy. What would my life look like if I was constantly in tune with God, and listening for his promptings? What would yours look like?


  1. I think you are doing awesome! I am so proud of y'all! You keep me motivated and I am trying to lose weight too! Thanks for being so transparent. I can already tell a huge difference in you physically! It is working! And now its raining, there goes my run! : (

  2. Thanks Laura!! And you do not have any weight to lose you already look like you could blow away in the wind. If you were a hardcore runner like Allie you'd run in the rain! Haha just kidding :)

  3. You ladies are an inspiration to me! Keep it up! I love the blog too!

  4. Thanks Kim! Do you have a blog?

  5. Good job!!! I've been doing the whole workout thing lately too! I used to go to the gym alone but just by having a workout partner, I've lost a few pounds and go almost 5 days a week... which is something id never thought I would say. Good luck on your journey