Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Day in the life"


So today I am doing a link up "party". Go check out Holly's blog. She's a cool chick, hysterical, and an inspiration to me for running and weight loss. I love reading her blog. Any-who enough about her lets get to me :)
Today I will be giving you a run down of a typical day in the Bobbitt house.
But for those of you that are new to my blog check out my "disclaimer" on the right of the screen before you begin and let me tell you a little bit about me and my family :)

My name is Emily, I'm 26 and have a new found passion for running. I am a follower of Christ, He is my Lord and savior.
I'm also a Wife to a wonderful Man named Josh for almost 7 years.
He is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without him.
We have three beautiful kiddos together.

Becca is 5
and we just started homeschooling for kindergarten last week. She's our little princess, she is so stinkin' smart it scares me, and is an amazing big sister to her two little brothers.

Nate is 3
and is all boy. He loves Star Wars, trucks, and would rather be playing outside over anything. He can be kind of shy at times but he is the sweetest little boy I've ever known.

Eli is 6 months
and is just starting to get his personality. He is pretty laid back like his Daddy, and loves to cuddle like his Momma. This kid will be mobile any day now I just know it.

So this is a little taste of what its like in the Bobbitt house on any given day

4:50 Alarm goes off. Time to go run
5:00 I'm out the door, hitting the pavement.
I completed my first 5k running the whole time. I'm super pumped and ready for my first 5k race on Saturday!
5:45 Back home and stretch
6:00 Fix hubby his lunch and kiss him goodbye
6:10 Shower
6:15 Nate gets up while I'm in the shower
6:20 Get Nate settled in front of the tv with an eggo waffle (gotta keep him quite some how) :)
6:25 Eli wakes up and is ready to eat so I go feed him
6:40 Nate and Eli are fed and content in the den
6:50 Quiet time. Bible study, bible reading, prayer

7:30 Get Eli dressed and take his 6 month pictures I forgot to take on Sunday
7:40 Becca gets up and I feed her breakfast (Lucky Charms)
7:50 Read a few emails while Becca and Nate Brush teeth, get dressed, and take care of Phineas
8:00 Lay Eli down for a nap
8:15 Start school. Bible reading, questions, memory verse
8:30 Phonics. Review letter 'L' 'T' and 'F'
8:50 Math. Calendar, Counting bears, and pattern blocks. Eli wakes up so he hangs out in the highchair while we do school
9:10 Art. Mystery Painting that did not turn out as good as I hoped...
9:30 Becca and Nate watch a Leap Frog video to help with Phonics while I clean up from art, unload the dishwasher, and clean Eli's bottles
9:50 Feed Eli
10:00 Snack Time. Carrots and ranch dressing
10:10 Eli plays in the highchair while I finally fix me something to eat. Eggs, toast, and milk. Free Time for Becca and Nate.
10:30 I finish getting myself ready, do my make-up and fix my hair while Becca and Nate play outside with Phineas and Eli has play time on the floor in my room
10:50 Becca and Nate get the "Boredom Muchies" So we got out front to ride bikes to get over them

11:30 We come back in. They pick a show on netflix while I cook lunch while holding a cranky Eli who would rather still be outside...
11:45 Becca and Nate sit down to eat (hotdogs, apples, and goldfish) and I fix a bottle for Eli
12:00 Eli is down for a nap, Becca and Nate are playing in the den, and I tackle the mound of clothes that didn't get folded yesterday.
12:20 The clothes are folded and in piles but didn't get put away. Time for me to eat.
12:30 I sit down with my lunch (Tuna fish sandwich and an apple) and the computer to read some e-mails, do some facebook stalking, and post Eli's 6 month photos.
1:00 Eli woke up (probably because he went to sleep while eating his bottle earlier) So I quickly warmed up the other half of his bottle and went in his room to feed him and get him back to sleep to finish the rest of his nap
1:20 Do some chores around the house: Sweep/mop kitchen, put away clothes, vacuum...
2:00 Take a little break to do some reading
3:30 I'm startled awake by my phone ringing and I realize I've fallen asleep while reading. Josh is calling to say he's off work and on the way home so I venture out of my room to see what kind of damage Becca and Nate have done to the house while I was asleep
Not too bad. I've seen worse. So we do what I like to call a "quick clean". We do this when Daddy is on the way home so he doesn't have to come home to a huge mess
3:40 Eli wakes up ready to eat
4:00 Start preparing dinner
4:15 Hubby gets home!! :) and dinner is cooking
4:20 Get all of Becca's soccer stuff together, get water bottles filled, pack Eli's bag, and get the kids ready
5:00 Dinner is ready. Bacon wrapped tenderloin, steamed broccoli, and corn and we all sit at the table to eat
5:20 We all get the table cleared off and kitchen cleaned
5:25 Get shoes on and head out the door for Becca's first soccer game!
7:15 Back home. Becca's team lost :(
But we had a great time cheering her on! :)
7:20 We go into bedtime mode. Josh gets the older two in the tub and I bathe Eli in the sink. Followed by PJ's, brushing teeth, story, prayers...
7:35 Eli finally eats because he wouldn't eat at the game.
7:50 Eli fell asleep while eating and is in bed for the night.
8:00 Older two in bed after kisses, hugs, and "don't let the bed bugs bite"
8:15 I get Becca's school plan done for tomorrow while Josh runs to sonic to take advantage of the half price shake deal

Even though it's not 8:30 just yet I know how the night is going to end so I'm going to go ahead and finish up so I can enjoy some hubby time.....
8:30 Josh and I drink our milkshakes while watching netflix
9:20 We are old and will be headed to bed.....

So that's basically my day. I know this was very detailed compared to most of the other bloggers that did the "Day in the Life" but thats just my personality.
I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. good grief. You have a very busy day! I'm impressed you wake up at 4:50!!! You go girl!!!

  2. Holy Moses girl!!!! You make me look like a slacker - I don't get up until a lazy 6am :) (although I'm trying to start getting up a bit earlier so I can have a fuller quiet time before going to work)

    I'm super impressed!

  3. Um... I already heart you because of your disclaimer! I am totally thinking about stealing that for me because it ALL applies to my blog as well!

    Love your day and how detailed it was. Adding a second to the mix petrifies me so it is nice to see what I am up against. I would love to homeschool as well at least for the early years.

    Anywho, I totally look forward to following along!

    1. Steal away my dear! :) glad to know I'm not alone in that area haha

      Glad to have you following, I'm headed to check yours out now.

  4. Thanks for linking up with Holly and me. I enjoyed reading about your day. I love that you read your Bible and have prayer time during your day. This is something I really need to make time for in my day. Your children are adorable.

    1. Thanks for check my blog out. I just added you to my "reading list". I look forward to following you.

  5. Oh Emily, I LOVE your honesty & that God has placed you in my life! Thank you SO much for your blog...you inspire me! How in the WORLD do you get EVERYONE to eat dinner in 20 minutes??? Kayla & Jamie (just recently) take FOREVER to eat....like, we all sit down together, eat, Greg goes to do whatever he has to do for the evening, & I have the ENTIRE kitchen (minus their dinner dishes) completely cleaned up. And ANY time you want to share a DETAILED account of your day, I will GLADLY read it!

    1. hahaha eating dinner that quickly only happens when it's something they LOVE. We don't ever try something new on nights we have places to be (we learned that the hard way)

  6. Emily!!

    You're too sweet for the kind words at the top. It's always nice to know that people get the humor. :)

    Your kiddos are adorable. Good luck on your first 5k on Saturday. I can't wait to follow your journey!!

    1. You are so welcome! And I'm going to show my dorky-ness right now and tell you how cool I feel because you not only commented on my blog but you are also following me. I probably just lost some cool points by admitting that though. Oh well :)

  7. Loving your blog! I think we are on similar journeys! If you have time, check my blog out. :)