Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My oh my....

My oh my where has the time gone? It's been 20 days since my last post. And would you believe it's been over that since my last workout. Yikes. I wish I had some awesome excuse like illness of injury but really it just comes down to laziness lack of motivation.
I'll just be transparent here and say I just haven't felt like working out. Not even in the slightest. I wish I could say that the reason I'm updating today is because I'm ready to get back at it but that would be a complete lie I still have no motivation.
I'm tired of working by butt off (I wish literally) and not seeing ANY results. I'm tired of watching what I eat, counting calories, and resisting yummy desserts with no benefit.
So right now I'm enjoying yummy desserts, staying in bed an hour longer, and wearing my cute purple running shoes to the grocery store, and you know what? My scale hasn't budged one bit and all my clothes still fit so you can probably see my frustration.
I'm the same size no matter what I eat or how hard I work out. So why starve myself and work my butt off when I can eat what I want and be lazy and look the same?
Don't get me wrong, I plan to start back eventually. I enjoy working out most days, and I really have found a love for running and want to continue that but right now I'm ok with my lack of motivation (read: laziness) and am not feeling guilty about it.

So ladies, I know we've all had struggles on our weight-loss journey 
  • What kept you going? 
  • What's your motivation? 
  • What's the one thing that you know helped you toward your goals? 

Here is one of my motivations....
Engament pic of Josh and I 2005

I want to be that girl again. And the worst part.....I thought I was fat then. *Ugh*

True Story