Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In The Gym

Saturday didn't disappoint at the Adventure boot camp for Women. What a fun way to work out. I absolutely loved it and wish I could do it more but Josh's schedule just doesn't allow it for the times it's available. They did a "fun" day because it was an open house so it was set up like an obstacle course and we split up into teams of 2-3. Heather, Chad and I were a team. The goal was to hit all seven stations before the hour was up. I, for the first time ever, did twenty-seven pull ups *it would have been just as awesome if I'd only done one because I've never done a pull up before*. I also did the awesome Manlia Ropes
for one minute I held both ends of the rope and slapped them onto the ground. It's harder than it looks and surprisingly fun. I knew it had been an awesome workout when I walked to the car already feeling the soreness. I took Monday off from the gym to fully recover.

I started a new diet Sunday along with Heather and Crystal. We are doing a 14 day fat flush (it's very simlar to the first phase of the South Beach diet) No Carbs/Sugar, and lots of protein. We are using an accu-measure
to record our results. We all have very different weight loss goals/needs so this will be the most accurate way to determine whose lost the most body fat instead of weight. I'm hoping I win so Heather and Crystal can make my car sparkle. :)

Today I did a lite day at the gym. One of the side affects from the diet is tiredness and I'm definitely feeling it. So I worked my legs for about 30 minutes and then abs for 20 minutes or so, then stretched.

Weigh In

When I started the diet Sunday I weighed 161. So that's another 1/2. But when I weighed it this morning I weighed


Oh yea! It's definitely a big motivator to keep up with this diet if I'm already seeing results like that.

I didn't measure again so the measurements are from Sunday.

Weight: 158.5

Waist: 32in

Chest: 38in

Hips: 39in

So I'm down 3lbs and another 1/2 inch in my waist. :)

In The Word

Over the last 14 weeks I have been learning the Era's of the Bible so that I am able to tell the story of the Bible in about 30 minutes (give or take) in chronological order by hitting the high points. Not only has it been an eye opening experience to how little I knew about the Bible but it has made reading the bible more enjoyable because I know where the stories fit in into the chronological time frame. Right now we are in the Judges Era of the bible in our chronological reading. So I though I would take this opportunity to share a little of what I've learned in this study.
The Israelites while in Judges go through a series of sin cycles over a period of 275 years.
There would be peace in the land and the Israelites would serve God.
Then the Israelites would do evil in the eyes of the Lord and God would punish them and they'd be enslaved. The Israelites would then cry out to God and God would raise up a Judge.
The Israelites would be delivered and they would be back to serving God and peace would be in the land only to start the entire cycle over again.

This cycle happened 7 time and some lasted as long as forty years and some as few as seven.

Aren't we just like them? I know I go through cycles very similar to the Israelites. I am so thankful God is willing to always put things in my life to bring me to my knees and focused on him.