Friday, September 7, 2012

Quick update

This update will be brief...

I planned on running yesterday morning but I slept through my alarm. Probably only the third time I've done that my entire life so that just shows you how tired I was. So I got up this morning instead and if it's not raining tomorrow morning I'll probably run tomorrow too.

This morning I set off trying to run with out stopping longer than I did my last run (1.42 miles in 16:41 minutes at a 11:45 minute pace)

I went 1.87 miles in 21:42 minutes at a 11:35 minute pace. Not bad.
I then walked for 4 minutes about .20 miles and then started running again.
I went almost half a mile in about 5 minutes and then got to that stupid hill again and ended up walking up it. So I walked another .20 and then finished the run home.
I was at my street when I noticed I was only .12 miles away from the 3.10 and at 38:00 minutes so I picked up my pace so I could finish the 3.10 in under 40 minutes.
The last .12 miles I busted out at a 9:45-10:00 minute pace and completed the 3.10 in 39:38. I did my cool down and finished at 3.43 in 47:00 minutes.

I'm pretty pleased with that. It's hard to believe that the graduation 5K is just a week away. I really hope I'm able to run it without stopping.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and short update. Check back Tuesday. I'm doing a Link-up with this blog. So you'll get to see what a day is like in The Bobbitt house.
You should do the link up too!


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  1. awesome!!!! (and I love that blog you mentioned)... you are doing really well! I haven't run in a week!! I'm started to feel like a sloth.