Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eating for Free

Well I made it to the gym! Yay! :) Today was leg/ab day and if my little "LoseIt" app is accurate I've burned more calories today then I've eaten. That's a good feeling :) It's like eating for free!
I did arms for about 35-40 minutes my favorite arm machine is the "Triceps Press"
I don't know why it's my favorite but it is.
After that I did about 15-20 on my abs.
I had a little time left so I decided to jump on the Stair-master again. I upped the resistance to 15, and boy did it make a difference. I only went .38 miles this time which is 656 steps. Boy did i break a sweat today.
Now I'm going to go eat an apple or something because I'm starving! :)


  1. you have any apples left with those kids of yours?

  2. hahaha luckly I just went to the store yesterday so I have an entire bag :)