Friday, April 6, 2012

TMI Alert! :)

Yesterday I did my C25K training. About 6:45 I got up (Eli was awake and content and the other two were still snoozing) I laced up my running shoes, shoved my massive milk producing boobs in a sports bra, put Eli on the couch in his boppy, and pressed start.
The first five minutes is a warm up so I set the pace at 3.5mph. The first minute into it Eli started to fuss, I pushed pause jumped off and put the passy back in his mouth. He seemed content again so I jumped back on and pushed start.
Another 45 seconds or so goes by and he started fussing again. So I paused the treadmill again, jumped off and said to Eli "Dude, if you want the passy why do you keep spitting it out?" no answer, so I put the passy back in his mouth. :)
Got back on the mil, pressed start, 30 seconds later he was fussing again. This time I pressed pause, jumped off and put his cute little booty in the swing. That seemed to do the trick.
So now I'm back on the treadmill and I'm almost three minutes into my five minute warm up. The warm up comes to an end and the first run is starting. The first run was for 30 seconds so I set the mil for 5.5mph.
Remember those massive milk producing boobs I mentioned at the beginning? Yea, they were bouncing around like crazy! What's up with that? They didn't do that when I ran on Tuesday! So I'm now running with my left arm across my chest trying to keep my boobs from hitting me in the face!
*obviously my boobs couldn't actually hit me in the face, but it sure felt like it at the time*.
The 30sec end and I start my first walk of 45sec so I'm back down to 3.5mph. So I'm walking and trying to figure out what the heck was going on with my boobs. I'm wearing a sports-bra just like last time, I just fed Eli so that can't be why......Oh look at that! My 45sec are up and it's time to run again!
This time it's for 45sec and I'm back up to 5.5mph. Yup, boobs are still bouncing around so I had to use my arm as a seatbelt for them again. Not really the ideal way to run. So I waited until that run was over and then pushed pause, jumped off and went to put on a "real" bra, underwire and all.
So I'm only 7 minutes into my 26 minute workout and I've already been off the treadmill four times! Yea, it wasn't going so well.
After changing my bra I'm back on the mil and start a 60sec walk at 3.5mph followed by a 60sec run at 5.5mph. The different bra made a huge difference. No more bouncing boobs.
Walk 90sec at 3.2mph, and start the interval over and do it two more times followed by a 5 minute cool down.
When I finished I had gone 1.64 miles in 26.30 minutes.
So all in all it wasn't the "Perfect" work out but I finished it and didn't go any slower (or faster) then Tuesdays workout. So I count that as a success.

So now I need advice! What kind of sports bra do you use?
My cheap Target ones obviously aren't going to cut it while I'm breastfeeding so I'm going to need to invest in a better one. I'm thinking I'm going to need one that actually separates the breast instead of having one giant uni-boob, and I'm probably going to need underwire for the extra support. So help me out ladies, what do you use?



  1. girl, i've never had a "boob issue" but even my mosquito bite boobs can flail around uncomfortably without proper restraint. I swear by the sports bras that actually cover most of your abs. I feel that I get a lot of COMFORTABLE support.

    I also have an expensive under armor bra that I love... I think I bought mine for $40 dollars and it is SNUG... like "hard to catch my breath sometimes" snug... i'm too cheap to just not use it though, so yeah, i endure the overly snugness. (wish i had tried it on first)

    1. Thanks Annie! I had someone else suggest an under armor bra, i guess I'll have to check them out.

  2. I really like the compression ones at target! Helped when I was nursing and all... but let's just face it... nursing and working out just don't go very well together! =) Good luck on getting it all under control!

  3. Hi, Emily! I just stumbled on your blog via Rachel Schelb's blog. I was wondering if you had thought of wearing two sports bras. This is what worked for me when I ran postpartum and couldn't bear the bouncing! Actually it was months before I could do just one bra. But I didn't want to pay high dollar (unless necessary) and I didn't want a bra with an underwire. I love the C9 bras at target. I would wear two in two different sizes. I always put the smaller bra on first. Maybe that will help! If not, a supportive bra that works well is definitely worth the investment I would think. =)