Monday, April 9, 2012


Monday Weigh-In Week 1


Not bad for the first week but I am unfortunately back on "bed rest"

Saturday morning I woke up at midnight in severe pain. My first thought was "Oh No! Not again!" I got out of bed, took some tylenol and paced the floor. The pain was in the same spot as last time but it felt totally different.
About 1:30 I was done and knew the pain was not going away on its own. So I woke up Josh and called my Aunt (even at 1:30 she answers the phone with a happy tone, how does she do that?)
We headed to the ER and luckily they were not busy. It wasn't long and I was in an ER room. The pain had gotten a lot worse and I was shaking I was hurting so bad.
They got an IV in and started fluids and gave me some pain medication. 30 seconds after the pain medication I was vomiting (I will not be eating Kraft Macaroni for a while)
For some reason the pain medication was only giving me relief for about 10 to 15 minutes so they were alternating two different pain meds to try to help.
They took me for an X-Ray and confirmed that I did have more stones.
They called my urologist to try to find out what to do next.
The ER doctor decided to go ahead and admit me because it was obvious that I couldn't handle the pain without medication.
I vomited four times while in the ER, and never really got much relief.
I finally got in a room and they started giving me Morphine, finally some relief, but with a price.....
The Morphine was causing my heart rate to drop in to the 40's (resting heart rate should at least be in the 60's) So they had to start giving me the morphine doses in half so I was only getting half the relief now.
My Urologist requested a CT scan so they sent me up to get a CT.
The results came back and the Urologist said I had multiple large stones in my urethra tube (which explains the difference in pain) that I couldn't pass on my own.
He gave me the option to wait and have the surgery done at the clinic sometime this week or go ahead and have the surgery in the hospital, I wanted to be like "Are you freaking kidding me? I can't function without morphine, why would I want to wait?" I decided nice was the way to go if this dude was going to be performing surgery on me so I told him I'd like to have the procedure done now.
So they wheeled me off to surgery (crazy how I went from no surgeries ever! To two in two weeks) They broke up the stones with a laser, removed the larger pieces, left the smaller pieces for me to pass, and placed another stint. (You know there aren't very many "int" names? So after brainstorming with my Sister she came up with "Blaine the Drain")
This go around was a lot less eventful, no ICU stay, no crazy high fever/heart rate. But my heart rate is still running really low (still in the 40's) So it may not have been because of the morphine and I'll have to continue to keep an eye on it this week.

So no running/exercising for me this week :( Which really stinks and it means I'll have to start my C25K over when I'm cleared to exercise again. I don't expect to do any updates this week because there won't be anything to update. I hope to be back at it after "Blaine" is removed.


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  1. goodness... and I thought having the flu this weekend was stressful. My hat is off to you! Hope you start feeling better, and you are able to rest :)