Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Worst. Workout. Ever.

Now maybe I'm being a little dramatic but I seriously feel like that was a horrible workout last night!
I was a little worried before I started because my heart rate is still really low and I didn't know how that would effect me (I even hooked the emergency stop key to my shirt incase I got dizzy while I ran). I also got a MASSIVE shot in my bum yesterday that hurts like heck!
But I did it anyway.
I also decided to go ahead and jump to Week 2 Day 1. Probably not the smartest idea after taking off a week and not completing week 1.
But I did it anyway.

So I started the
5 minute warm-up at 3.5mph and was feeling pretty good
45 sec run at 5mph. I checked my HR right after the run and it was 82 (That's what a somewhat high RESTING HR should be)
60 sec walk at 3.5mph
60 sec run at 5mph. Checked my HR again and it was 85
90 sec walk at 3.5mph
90 sec run at 5mph. Whoa! I felt like crap. Heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. Checked it again and it was only 96.
2 min walk a 3mph
45 sec run at 4.8mph.
60 sec walk at 3.2mph
60 sec run at 4.8mph.
90 sec walk at 3.2mph
90 sec run at 4.8mph.
2 min walk a 3mph

45 sec run at 4mph. Just trying to finish at this point
60 sec walk at 3mph
60 sec run at 4mph.
90 sec walk at 3mph
90 sec run at 4mph.
2 min walk a 3mph
5 min cool down 3 mph-2.5mph

Finished at 1.95 miles (not going to lie I was disappointed when I didn't see 2 miles) at just over 33 minutes.

So here's what I'm thinking; Having the low HR is really going to make it harder.
And on Wednesday I'm going to go back to Week 1. I think it probably wasn't a good idea to jump to week 2 under these circumstances.

I'm not giving up. But I'm going to try to take it easy and not push myself so hard. We will see how Wednesday goes....


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  1. I know it sucks to not just jump in there "whole hog," but seriously take it easy!

    I was sick all last week-- like bronchitis or walking pneumonia.... so on Saturday, I was SO overjoyed when I didn't wake up feeling like crap. I took my pups on 2 walks that day. (probably walked/ jogged around 4 miles)... I went to a movie with a friend that night and my back clenched up when I sat in my seat at the theatre. I literally couldn't move. I was like "never will I ever" do that again (speaking of workout too hard after time off). Anyways, I have spent 2 days getting over the back ache! lol. So take it easy! and never underestimate the power of static stretches... yoga is awesome!