Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Insert Clever Title Here}

So sometimes I do this weird thing when I'm really tired and I'm curious to find out if I'm alone in this weirdness. 
I vividly remember this happening often when my kids were babies waking up all hours of the night to eat. 
See, apparently when I'm really tired and know I need to get up I just dream that I'm doing the thing(s) I need to be doing. 
Like for example when Becca was a baby and I'd hear her start to wake up I would dream that I got up, fixed her a bottle, and fed her. As you can imagine this was very confusing when she started crying louder and really woke me up and I thought I had just gotten done feeding her. It would always take me a moment to sort out if I had actually fed her or if it was a dream. 
I say all that to say that I had a wonderful "dream workout" this morning from about 5:00-5:45. What a disappointment it was when I woke up at 5:45 and realized I still needed to get up and work out. Disappointment or not I did get up and did day 2 of the 30 Day Shred. 

Oh Jillian

I unfortunately didn't get all of my  morning routine accomplished because 
1. obviously I overslept and 
2. Josh's work truck wouldn't start this morning and with his coming in and out of the house he woke up Eli earlier than normal. 
So a few of my morning activities have been pushed back to Eli's nap time, which will be happening earlier today thanks to his early rising. 

In other news; I am officially signed up for the St. Jude Half Marathon! 
and it's just 219 days away!!!
I signed up to be a "Hero" which means I've committed to raising $500. So be looking for the information on how to donate soon. 
I am running for "Team Ingram". My good friend Allie ran for the team last year (and will be running for them again this year) and had nothing but praise for this family. I couldn't not sign up to run with this family/team after all the great things she said about them. 
More info on that soon. 

Sara and I ran together last night and she totally rocked the 3/2 split with minimal complaining :)  
I also pushed her the furthest distance since starting our training together. We've been running about 2.5 miles doing a 3/3 split. I knew she was ready for more and she totally busted it out, and much to her disbelief she lived to tell about it. 
We have a 4 mile race coming up in 3 weeks so we've really got to step up our game. 

Y'all! I. Am. Sore. 
I see a HOT bath in my future. :)



  1. Glad I'm not the only one who does the similar dream something you should have actually done thing!!!! ;-)

    So excited for you running the Half Marathon. I'm going to attempt to WALK it & start that training SOON. I would LOVE to sign up as a "hero", but we've just tapped out all of our donating people with Greg's raising money for fishing the St. Jude Bass Tournament at the end of May. It's called "Fishing for the Kids".

    I can't wait to continue to hear about your & Sara's runs!!!!

  2. So nice to meet you!! Are you in the Memphis bloggers Facebook group?

    1. Oh I'm not! Please tell me more