Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm Back and with Challenges!

So I know its been FOR-EVA since I last posted. Sorry about that for those that care. I haven't been sitting on my rump though. I have been running!! My goal is to run 10 races in 2013 the last being the St. Jude Half Marathon. Eeeek! I've already registered for 5 of the races and have 5 others picked out I just haven't made the commitment to them yet. 
I have an awesome running partner. We try to meet 3x a weeks but it doesn't always happen. She is going to run the 1/2 with me so we are training together and I LOVE it. Running it so much more enjoyable with a partner. 

This is one of my most recent runs. My pace has slowed considerably because of my "break" during the winter. So I basically started from scratch (boo). 
When I'm not running with Sara I try to do 6/2 splits running at about a 11:00 to 12:00 minute mile. 
Sara is a newbie but it doing AMAZING! We started a few weeks ago doing a 2/3 split and are currently doing a 3/3 split and are running anywhere from a 11:30 to a 13:00 minute mile. She doesn't know it yet but our run tonight we are going to a 3/2 split. :) 

I am joining some blogging friends and am doing the #4MChallenge 

I already had a few Jillian DVD's on hand and decided to go with the 30 Day Shred. I have serious Love/Hate relationship with ole Jill. I usually "mute" her just so I can make it through the workout. :) 

How my morning started

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I also recently found these apps by "Runtastic* 

PushUps Pro
SitUps Pro
and Squats Pro

Yes I had to pay for them but for me that helps hold me accountable. The Squats Pro is pretty "easy" because I could probably knock out 100 squats in my sleep. But having the goals and training schedule is great for my "type A" personality and knowing that I have a schedule to follow means I'll actually do it. My goal for the PushUps Pro is to get through the training with the modified push-ups (on my knees) and then when I finish go back through it again doing  "real" Push-Ups.
You should check out the apps! They have free ones too.

I also just started an accountability group for morning quiet times called "Hello Mornings". My morning quiet times have been nonexistent recently. I don't really have a good excuse just laziness really. I love having accountability wether it be in exercise or my time with God. If you have an area in your life that you feel you are failing try getting someone with the sames goals to help hold you accountable. It will make a huge difference. 

An email sent by "hello mornings" this morning really convicted me.....

"Rising early to meet with the Lord — not because I am rested, but because He is worthy — is an expression of trust that He will supply what I need to get through my day.

Such powerful words. Am I trusting God to supply what I need to get through the day? 
I did today :) Now to make it my habit again.

So will you join me in any of these challenges? How about just one? Let me know if you are! I'd love to be an accountability for you :)

Check out the hashtag on instagram #4MChallenge for motivation with the Jillian workouts. Or #operationredbikini 

You can go to Hellomornings dot org for more information about the accountability for your morning quiet times. 

I'm also linking up with Megan over at SkinnyMeg for Workout Wednesday 


So go check that out for motivation and ideas for workouts!

Have a great Wednesday!



  1. I just thoroughly enjoyed reading through this post! I have struggled before with working out in the am vs. quiet time with God but you know. I can do both at the same time! He is worthy of all we have and I need to trust him that He will give me more energy than that extra 40min of sleep would! Thanks for this post!
    Plus I am starting a SummerAbs Challenge over on my blog today if you wanna take a look!

  2. I loved reading this! And good for you for choosing to be accountable to others so that you can meet your goals, both spiritual and physical. Really loved this post girl. Can't wait to see your results through IG.


    1. Thank you Tiffany! Just read your most recent post and wow! Thanks for that. Totally needed to hear it. I look forward to following you!