Monday, May 6, 2013

Strength Training and Running

Saturday morning my alarm went off at 6:30 and my room was FREEZING. I slipped my hands out of the covers just enough to grab my phone and check the weather. It was 36 degrees! I had laid out my "winter" running clothes the night before but I had never run in temps that low. After checking the weather for the rest of the day I decided to try and go later in the day when it was supposed to be warmer. 
I am so thankful that I did. By 2:00 it was sunny and a lot warmer at almost 60 degrees. 
I set my alerts on my Garmin watch to a 6/2 split and headed out the door. I was extremely sore thanks to Jillian and my extra squats on my Runtastic app so I wasn't sure how good the run would be. 
I checked my watch a mile into the run and realized I had just finished my fasted mile at 11:03
That really gave me a boost and I continued to push through the run. 
At mile 2 my legs felt like jello and I really just wanted to stop but I thought about the fastest mile I had just completed and knew I could possibly get a PR on my 5K. So I dug deep for the extra motivation and pushed through.
Once I pushed through those thoughts of quitting the rest of the run was a breeze. Mind over matter people. Mind over matter. 
I couldn't remember the exact time of my PR 5k but when I finished and looked at my watch I knew I was close

Turns out my PR is 35:17 so I was just 50 seconds away. I'm pretty pumped about that considering my current PR of 35:17 was with me running the 5K without stopping and my time Saturday of 36:07 was doing a 6/2 split. 
So I would have to say that all the strength training is paying off. 

Today I did day 4 of Ripped in 30 for the #4MChallenge

Anybody else having Jillian dreams/nightmares? No? 
I am so ready for week 2 and something new. 
I finished up my workout with my runtastic apps
88 Sit-Ups

76 Squats  

54 Push-Ups

How's everybody doing on the #4MChallenge? 


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