Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pace yourself

I learned that lesson the hard way last night....
After taking a week off while in Colombia I went to the Women Run/Walk of memphis training day last night. The plan for this week was a

5 minute warm up
3 minute run (x7)
2 minute walk (x7)
5 minute cool down

I started the first run feeling great and was going at the same pace I had been doing at home (about a 10:30 minute mile) I was in the front of the pack and I was really excited. I stayed at the same pace all the way to the 5th run. On the 6th run I started getting chills and knew I had gotten way too hot. So I slowed the 6th run down and walked the 7th run. I still managed to go my furthest distance yet at 3.3 miles (yay!). I unfortunately don't know my exact time because I forgot to stop the stop watch when we finished so it was still going while I stretched and talked. I'm thinking it was 45-50 minutes.

So I've got some major training to do because next week we go to

5 minute warm up
3 minute run (x10)
1 minute walk (x10)
5 minute cool down

That seems like a big jump adding 3 runs and taking away a minute of walking! I hope I don't die ;)


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  1. good job! Those chills are nothing to play around with... I learned that the hard way too. Glad you didn't pass out! You are doing great!