Saturday, August 11, 2012

New shoes......

I got my new shoes Thursday evening and couldn't wait to try them out. My alarm went off at 4:50 Friday morning and I was getting ready when Eli woke up. I only have a small window to run in the morning before Josh leaves for work. I knew that by the time I got Eli fed and back in the bed it'd be too late for me to get my 45 minute run in. Booo!

The kids spent the night at their Nana and Pawpaw's house last night so I was able to sleep in this morning (btw 8:00 is sleeping in for me) So 9:00 I was ready to hit the pavement.

I started my first run and was feeling great. The ankle and knee pain I had been feeling was almost completely gone instantly *yay for new shoes*
Second run still feeling good but my calves were starting to hurt a little...
Third run my calves were burning! I decided to stop a stretch them out. As soon as I stopped my calves tightened up and they felt like they weighed 20 pounds each. So I stretched for a little bit and they started to feel a little better. So I started back up again.
Fourth run I was feeling ok
Fifth run it was starting to burn again and I took a 30 second break in the middle of my 3 minute run. Hopefully none of you think I am a wimp because I actually have a very high pain tolerance but this was some serious muscle pain.
Sixth run I again took a 30 second break
Seventh run I just busted it out (at a very slow pace)
My cool down was excruciating and I couldn't wait to get home and stretch.

I did the yoga stretches that I talked about the other day and then did a few extra calf stretches

This is by far my favorite calf stretch.
I always do this stretch before and after a run.

So right now my calves are feeling fine the stretches really helped. But I have a question for all you more experienced runners.
What's up with the calf pain? Is it because of the new shoes? Are the new shoes causing me to run differently and therefor causing me to strain that muscle?

I really don't want to have this problem again on Monday when I run with the group.


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