Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This morning I got up at 4:50 to get my run in before my Aunt showed up to do our workout.
I got through the first 4 runs and then I had to stop to stretch out my calves and then was able to finish the last 6. It's getting better but my pace was super slow. I don't know if my pace has slowed down because of the calf pain or if the next level of training has put that much of a strain on me. I'm hoping it's my calves because that seems to be getting better the training on the other hand is just going to get harder.

I got some answers to my questions about my calves though. Apparently I was right about the shoes causing me to run different. A friend of mine informed me that PureFlows are a hybrid shoe that transitions you from a heel strike to a midfoot strike. He said when I run, to concentrate on trying to land on the ball of my foot and pushing off instead of on my heel. He also said it takes a little while for your muscles to get used to the new technique and that I will feel some pain for a little bit.
I'm glad to know what's causing it and that it wont last forever.


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  1. hey girl...i have pain in my calves too... I have totally started doing the stretch you mentioned in your last blog (THANK YOU!!)... I also use a step, let my heels hang off the edge and go up and down to strengthen my calves. You may already do that, but that has really helped my pain.

    p.s. good job on the workouts!