Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a great day...

What a great day! You might be wondering how I can say that when its only 6:30 in the morning. I'll get to that in a second but first let me tell you about my run Wednesday....

Ugh! That's how I feel about my run Wednesday. I planned on running outside again after the kids went to bed but it was such a long day nothing seemed to be going right and by the time I got the kids in bed it was already dark and I do not like running in the dark by myself. So I got on the mil and I just wasn't even in the mood. It really seemed like the longest workout of my life (yes I know I'm dramatic) So I only did 33 minutes (instead of 40) and went 2.11 miles (avg. pace 15:38 mile) Much slower pace than I have been doing. So Ugh!

Now to get to today :)
So Josh and I leave for Colombia in just a few hours! You might think I'm crazy to get up and go run but I was awake anyway (full of excitement) So why not get up get my last run in and spend some time talking to God preparing for the trip.
The weather was perfect,
I was in a great mood, and my mind was focused on God instead on the run.
I have been having so many insecurities, fears, anxiety, doubts, (etc.) about this trip and I was able to lay it all out to God. I feel like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am completely ready to get on the plane to Colombia.
The run was great because I wasn't watching the clock and wasn't so focused on my run. I did a different route and was able to avoid the majority of the hills (only one uphill run this time) I finished at 37 minutes 2.54 miles (avg. pace 14:33 mile)

My pace is getting quicker every time so I am improving which is very encouraging.

This is what I saw as I finished my run and I really felt like singing "This is the day that the Lord as made"
So I my head and I bet I gave some people a really good laugh because I was bobbing my head side to side like a little school girl and if I hadn't been holding my phone I probably would have been clapping :)

So yea "What a great day" I know today is going to be great because God is in control.

If you think about it please be praying for our trip and our team
*and myself

You can keep up with our trip while we are gone by following this blog

Can't wait to tell you about the trip when I return


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