Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goals and Motivation

Saturday morning I got up at 6:45 to get my run in 1. before the heat set in and 2. before my family got up.
I left having no idea what route to take and no idea how far I'd go.
My route ended up looking like this...
I started by going straight down Dove Hollow. It's the "older" part of the neighborhood so the trees are large and offer amazing shade but it was very hill-y. It also wasn't long enough so I ended up going down Cordova Club Dr. This is a newer subdivision and was very flat but had barely any shade. The wind was getting it Saturday morning and was great during the first half of my run. But when I turned around on Cordova Club to head home it was nailing me in the face, like take your breath away kind of wind. Not a great way to end a run. But I finished and went 2.24 Miles in 34 minutes.
I thought Cordova Club Dr was going to be a better option for my route because I could run to my half way point and then turn around and also it was flatter so that's the route I planned on taking on my next run.
I was really looking forward to Monday's run with the girls of Women Run/walk of Memphis but Monday came and Memphis was under a heat advisory with the heat index of 111 so the coaches made the call to cancel the training that night and encouraged everybody to run on their own either on a treadmill or after 8:00pm.
I decided to run outside. I got the older kids in the bed, handed Eli off to Josh and headed out the door.
When I first started it felt pretty cool out with the sun setting. I went with the Cordova Club Dr route with the expectation that it was less hill-y
It wasn't long after I reached the furthest point I went on Saturday that I started going down hill. It was great going down hill. I had a great pace and was feeling good. But I also knew that on my way back I was going to have to go up the hill (duh!) and I was going to be tired. The hill wasn't really big but boy was it long. And now the heat was starting to kick in. This week we are running 2 minutes/walking 3 minutes (6) times instead of 5. That last run was a killer going up that hill. But I didn't stop and still managed to keep my average pace quicker than Saturday. Yay for improvement. So I finished that run in 39 minutes and went 2.62 miles.

So a few goals that I've made to help with motivation

1. Run the 5K graduation on September 16th (52 Days away). My goal for it is to just run the entire thing. I don't care about my time I just want to run without stopping. (I hope that goal isn't too far out of reach, we will see)

2. Run the Color Run 5K (Sept 13th) in 30 minutes or less. This is a BIG goal of mine. I really hope it's attainable. That means I have to get my pace up to a 10 minutes mile (6mph) I've got a lot of work to do to achieve this goal.

3. And I have weight loss goals as well. I don't really have a date of when I want to lose by but I know I want to lose 30-40lbs. Really big goal and it's really the reason I started running in the first place.

So that's where I am and where I want to be. Help keep me motivated ladies! :)



  1. You live around the corner from my parents-- just thought I'd point that out! lol. I've run those same streets many times. :)

    I think your goals are awesome! You can totally do it! And great for waking up for morning runs! I recently heard Jillian Michaels say that when we are consistent on working out at a certain time everyday, our body will immediate release endorphins and testosterone at that time enabling us to push further. Just an idea-- I know it sucks to wake up early though.... I've found it's totally easier when it's cooler though.

    A route that I like in that neighborhood... Go down Meadow Trail, turn right on Macon, turn Right on Dove Hollow.... There is an uphill slant on Macon, but it's not too bad. (or you could just reverse it and run downhill most of the way!)

    -- you could even sneak over to the track at ECS.. lol.

    Great Job!

    1. Annie, Dawn just told me that the other day! What a small world :)

      I actually prefer to run/exercise in the morning to get it over with. Right now I'm just waiting on Eli to get on routine because he doesn't wake up at the same time every morning and my husband leaves by 6:15 during the work week.

      What a great idea about the ECS track. I wonder if they keep it locked :)

    2. they don't! haha.. I remember seeing some neighborhood people running on it in the evenings... You could always walk over there on a Saturday too. I do know that 4 times around = 1 mile. Yeah, it took me like 16+ minutes to run a mile in middle school. sad i know.