Friday, October 5, 2012

Link Up Vlog


Well this is my first ever Vlog and possibly my last lol! I'm linking up with Holly and Emily so go check them out.
Feel free to laugh, Becca decided to join me and it's very amusing. Hope you enjoy!

The picture Becca was talking about in the video. My Sister and Me back in the cheer days



  1. your daughter is tutee cute!!!! Also, I ate peanut M&m's like they were going out of style when I was preggo, which would help explain the 80 pds I gained :) Loved the video, it's nice to put a voice with a blog!

  2. Emily, I LOVED that Becca got in the video with you and answered the questions. The cutest was when she said her favorite workout was stretching- LOL.

    Thanks for linking up today... Now go grab a handful of peanut m&m's for me. :)

  3. aww... lol. I can't say that I have tried vlogging, but yours was super cute! Loved her responses! I may just have to try a vlog one day :) fun keepsake.

  4. Becca is precious!!!!!! Yay for vlogs - this was too fun.

  5. Your daughter is ADORABLE and way to go on your recent run! That is awesome!! We are supposed run in the race for the cure tomorrow and it is supposed to be rainy and in the 40's. When is your next run?

    1. Thanks! My next race is next Saturday, The Color Run. I am super excited. Good luck on your race tomorrow

  6. You are both just precious! Thank you for linking up! I feel like you and I are so alike, no cable growin up, taking our pictures out in a fire, and peanut m&ms. Love!

    I hope you do another vlog it was so fy listening to and watching you girls! :)